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VF Verpackungen: Cutting-edge system technologies, maximum degree of automation

Our production site in Sulzberg, Germany, positions us as one of the leading producers of multilayer flexible films. In the 11-layer cast coextrusion technology, we manufacture flexible multilayer PA/PE and high-barrier PA/EVOH/PE films respecting highest standards. The company’s key position is underscored by a global distribution network and a highly motivated team equipped with specialized know-how.

Quality without compromise

Our comprehensive quality policy ensures that every aspect of our operations, from raw material intake to final product delivery, is meticulously managed for total traceability. The team embodies our vision of quality, adaptability, and customer service, driving operational efficiency and continuous improvement in quality standards.

Responsibility is the key  

Quality assurance is paramount at VF Verpackungen. In our 2 in-house laboratories, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, we go through rigorous monitoring from raw material selection to final delivery to ensure highest standards of quality and hygiene for our products we distribute worldwide. 

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Stephan Zieroth, our Sales Director, is eager to provide you with detailed insights into our products, and how we can fulfill your specific needs. 

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