In seconds, personalized printing will take you by storm.

To buy it or not. That is the question.

The decision of a purchase usually takes a few seconds. It is therefore essential that a product has a strong personality and stands out from competitor products within a store. We take care of this issue: with the perfect packaging, it will be love at first sight!

Printing procedures

We provide excellent graphic customization for products, thanks to our two flexographic printing machines that work with up to eight colours. Flexography is a relief printing technique that enhances printed areas compared to non-printed areas. A cliché prints the customer’s drawing on the film that then transfers the colours like a stamp. The new Full HD Flexo cliché engraving technology rocks print quality by guaranteeing perfect inking, with the right density in solid backgrounds, bright colours and sharper details.

Prepress department

The role of the prepress department is fundamental in flexography. It supervises the whole project throughout the process.
The department realizes the printing plant identifying colour separations, solving any graphic problems, optimizing costs and minimizing material waste. Once the colour proofs (both pdf and cromalin GMG) are developed, the printing starts only after the customer’s approval, creating clichés leaning on our trusted service.
Data and printing plants are carefully filed, in order to save time and money if the customer repeats an order without modifications. The same printing result is guaranteed.

The benefits of flexographic printing

Shorter plant set-up times

Reduced costs – Less material waste

Versatile. Suitable for both short and long runs

High printing performance thanks to new clichés with Full HD technology

Adaptable to subsequent modifications or customizations

Sustainable: reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions up to 50%

Colour lab

Having an automatic colour formulation and dosing system is crucial for being able to guarantee printing results in terms of replicability. Using specialized software, we mix the desired colours starting from the colour code sent by the customer, up to the proof on a sample of printed film. We select the most suitable paints based on the print, internal, external or suitable for heat treatments. Warehouse management is optimized. Total reuse of machine returns drastically reduces waste. Furthermore, filing of colour data in the customer folder reduces the error margin in subsequent reprints.