A journey into the world of VF Verpackungen

Modern automated production and packaging plants and particular attention to development, quality and hygiene have made the company a cutting-edge technological centre in the global multilayer laminate market.


Decades of experience, cutting-edge technology

VF Verpackungen GmbH has established itself in the market of polyamide / polyethylene laminates for packaging, lidding films and thermoforming in the food and non-food sectors. Leaning on the most modern technologies, the company produces multilayer laminates with two production systems, 11-layer coextrusion and lamination, for an annual total output of 45,000 tons.

Product packaging

An overall perfect workflow

Automation is the basic principle for the entire packaging system implemented at VF Verpackungen GmbH. In the packaging process, the mother reels (PA / PE film for packaging and thermoforming) are cut into the sizes requested by the customers and then conveyed to the automatic packaging line. A robotic system takes care of the palletization, thus excluding faults and contamination.


The power of integrated information management

The computerized ERP system and a dedicated team of experienced employees, allow targeted monitoring of all work processes. The team shares information from production to administration with other departments, improving efficiency and results. The 24-hour delivery system and a wide network of logistics partners enable the worldwide distribution.


Safety is the result of a constant commitment

The quality management system focuses on the production of material that meets the highest product standards and packaging specificity, meeting the requirements of the law. From the selection of raw materials, the production processes to the supply, all steps of the process are subject to a strict control and are documented. In its own lab, VF Verpackungen GmbH tests the characteristics of its products on a daily basis, to guarantee high performance and constant high quality.


Responsibility is the key

The highest levels of safety and hygiene are guaranteed at all stages of production, from the processing of raw materials to distribution. Ad hoc measures reduce the cross-contamination to the minimum, ensuring the necessary standards for the sectors involved in the production of food, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and particularly sensitive industrial products.