Perfect vacuuming even at home.

The world of embossing

Preserving food has never been easier. Our Combifresh line of embossed pouches and rolls makes vacuum packing accessible to everyone. The special texture impressed on the film eases air suction, making these products ideal for domestic use on external suction machines.

Combifresh: embossed pouches

Smooth or embossed? It depends on the use you make of it. While smooth pouches are used in chamber machines, the embossed one is suitable for machines with external suction. The texture of the pouch facilitates the creation of the vacuum, supporting the quick extraction of the air. Especially for domestic use, it is the best solution to reduce waste. The wide selection of sizes available helps to preserve even the smallest quantities of food. Delivery of standard sizes in stock is guaranteed in three days.

Combifresh SF: embossed cooking pouches

The Combifresh SF cooking pouches, produced with coextruded polyamide and polypropylene films (pa / pp), are suitable for heat treatments up to 121 ° C for four hours and are microwaveable at 900W for 8 minutes. Thanks to the excellent quality of the material, the pouches are highly heat-resistant without problems. The vacuum enhances the taste of food, allowing you to create wonderful dishes performing just a few actions.

Embossed rolls

A useful and versatile product. The embossed rolls allow you to create a custom-made vacuum pouch quickly and easily. First, weld one side, calculate the desired length according to the product and proceed with the second weld. Two widths available and up to six meters in length, will allow you to quickly create unique packaging solutions avoiding unnecessary waste of material.

Next Flex Embossed

Say no to the waste of food and yes to the recycling of materials. Our new range of embossed recyclable pouches perfectly meets both requirements. It reduces waste by increasing the product shelf life and thanks to the innovative Next Flex component based on mono polyolefin, made of polyethylene and polypropylene, it fits perfectly into circular economy cycles. This way of preserving food allows recycling and that means saving.
Green innovation