Rice, cereals and dried fruit

What do these three foods have in common? A very slow deterioration process and a long product shelf life that is even longer with the right precautions. The selection of the most suitable material and the advantages conferred by vacuum packaging will make these products the most durable of the list.

coextruded films

Our AMILEN coextruded flexible film line based on polyamide, polyethylene and polypropylene is ideal for vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging. A wide range of thicknesses available for lidding tops, thermoformed bottoms and flowpacks guarantee high barrier properties thanks to EVOH. Packaging processes do not affect the film’s brilliance and transparency; they increase the value of your product at the point of sale.

laminated films

Combiflex laminates combine our experience with the characteristics of films for a unique product, designed step-by-step to fulfil the most varied process, applications and product needs. The solutions include two or three-layer laminates, with medium or high barrier properties, ideal for vacuum pouches, lidding tops, thermoformed bottoms, flow packs and heat treatments. We are looking for the right combination for a film that always meets your needs.

vacuum pouches

The Combivac pouches come in great variety and are suitable for vacuum packaging and packaging in modified atmosphere. A line in pa / pe and one for cooking ensure mechanical resistance, high barrier properties, gloss and transparency and can be used up to 121 ° C. Not enough? Then we develop the perfect structure together. More than 300 standard stock sizes ensure fast delivery. Customizable with flexographic printing and available in different sizes, they adapt to your product responding to market needs.

the world of embossing

The right choice for fast and safe preservation of your food. The embossed film eases the air extraction on machines with external suction, making it ideal for domestic use. The line of pouches and rolls in pa / pe guarantees excellent sealing properties, sealing of the vacuum and a high barrier against gases and aromas. In addition, the Combifresh SF line combines the aforementioned advantages with resistance to heat treatments.