Human capital, the
true strength of our company.

Following the market needs

Ours is a family business that bases its success on close collaboration with customers and on the constant modernization of its production. The food and food packaging industries are a market in great turmoil characterized by continuous innovations, which require flexibility, speed of reaction, responsibility and a high level of professionalism. Characteristics that we of the Niederwieser Group possess in our genetic code.

We have always been committed to the research and development of new products, strongly believing in the professional training of our team. What unites us is a common thought: aiming for ever better performance, to ensure a future of solidity and success for the company and our customers.


The value of collective genius

We are a company of people, made for people, serving customers. Our common spirit is the awareness that new goals can be achieved only through commitment and teamwork. We know about the talent of the individual, but we even more believe in the power of the team. We believe in human capital, betting every day on the collective genius.

  • 12 languages
  • 42 years – average age
  • 20% of employees under 30 years
  • 39% female staff
    61% male staff